Your workspace is much more than a place to conduct business-it is an essential part of your image. At 1600 Executive Suites in downtown Minneapolis, we offer your choice of executive offices, coworking spaces, or virtual office programs combined with professional services. Your office space includes receptionist, full service support staff, several conference rooms and courtesy offices, full range of business services, and much more. The result is a workplace perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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Step Up Your Business…Top Reasons to NOT Work From Home

1. Professional Image: A physical business address versus a home address, post office box, or mailbox service address is important to your customers' perception in determining if they believe you are a reliable business. Your clients and customers want to trust in you and these days, trust comes after Google. Clients are going to Google your business name and address and hope to see a skyscraper instead of lawnmower in the driveway.

2. Distractions: The distractions of a home office (barking dogs, kids, chores, spouses) or coffee shop can throw your concentration and productivity off course quickly, not to mention the reflection on your business if these noises can be heard in the background of an important call.

3. Meetings: A professional place to meet your clients and colleagues improves your image and shows you are serious about your business. It also ensures that the privacy of your negotiations and discussions is protected and eliminates the distractions and interruptions of a meeting in a public venue or a home environment. In addition, a professional business place has services that may be needed (teleconferencing, computer for document editing/printing, photocopying, witnesses/notary public). Private meeting room beats meeting at the corner coffee shop with high prices, long lines, and lots of noise.

4. Privacy and Productivity: Personal privacy regarding your home address is important so you do not have uninvited visitors showing up at your door without warning. You also want to make a clear line of privacy between your work life and your home life. You don't want to be up all night working in bed and all day going to the fridge more than your computer. Normal working hours are more vital than one may think. You need to get out of your pajamas in the morning and into a creative, productive mindset.

5. Package Handling: You may miss important package deliveries if you are not home, or worse, have them stolen. At a professional business place, someone is there to receive your mail and packages as well as package them, post them, and send them out.

6. Collaborate/Network: Executive suites have a number of businesses which may include accounting, IT, web design/hosting/ maintenance, various areas of law, and marketing. Among these and other businesses, you can barter services, bounce ideas, collaborate and/or get referrals. Also it is nice to get out of the house and have some interaction with something other than your laptop and phone.

7. Little Things Make Your Business Look Big: Executive Suites give you the large or established office image with someone other than you answering the phone, greeting clients, making coffee, handling the mail and deliveries, placing calls to clients, making copies, etc. In addition to the convenience and other benefits of a home office, the office space rent savings is a huge benefit. Many telecommuters and home office businesses are finding executive suites (also known as virtual office programs, mail and phone answering service, co-working space, shared office space and office business centers), to be a great hybrid workplace solution that allows the freedom to work just about anywhere, yet still provides the professional business address, meeting place and other business amenities as needed at a fraction of the cost. It's not all or nothing, with this type of work style/ environment you get flexibility, productivity, and hopefully lots of success.