Melody Hach

Trina Pitts



Melody Hach

Melody has been the President/Owner of 1600 Executive Suites (formerly 701 Executive Suites) since 2002. She has been in the Executive Suites industry for more than 25 years. In handling leasing, Melody helps tenants secure executive office space or virtual offices, and also helps when businesses need to expand or downsize. Melody’s experience with hundreds of companies in Minneapolis—ranging from start-ups to fortune 500s, is the reason businesses prefer 1600 Executive Suites. Born and raised in Minnesota, Melody, her husband, daughter, and 80lb lap dog Huggy Bear enjoy the summers most.  They enjoy boating, swimming, Harley rides, golfing, BBQs, bonfires, and the State Fair.

Trina Pitts

Trina has been with the Suites for more than 15 years. She manages the day-to-day operations, monthly invoicing, supply and work orders, transcription and e-filing, and more for our business tenants, who appreciate her dependability, attention to detail and helpful knowledge of our extensive service offerings. Trina is a graduate of Metropolitan State University. She is from North Dakota thus enjoys watching college and professional hockey. She enjoys spending time with her fur babies and friends, summer, swimming, traveling, reading, music, movies, volunteering and trivia.


Cameo graduated from North Central University with a degree in International Business. She brings years of client care and administrative experience to 1600 Executive Suites. From the reception desk Cameo handles calls, conference room scheduling, and mail/deliveries while also assisting in managing the day-to-day operations such as: printing and copier needs, document projects, Spanish translation, witnessing, providing notary stamps and many other office assistant services. Outside of work, Cameo enjoys cooking, coffee with friends, traveling, good music, singing, dancing, speaking Spanish, and being spontaneous.

  • To sell extraordinary office services by continually adding valuable services to the rental of our first class office space.
  • To do everything possible to meet our client's needs in a timely, courteous and helpful manner. To always remember that our clients are our reason for existence, that serving them is not an imposition on our time, but the reason we are here.
  • To make a fair and reasonable profit so the company can continue to exist, and to reasonably share those profits with our employees.
  • To remain a leader in our industry, actively seeking innovation and improvement in our service delivery.
  • To put forth maximum effort and initiative toward the performance of our jobs and the achievement of the company's goals. The company and management will make every effort to provide working conditions that enable all employees to fulfill their personal needs and goals and to maximize their professional growth as a part of this company.


What is coworking?
Coworking is an open style of workspace and a style of work. As a workplace, it is often an office space with an open floor plan providing a shared workspace for people to work independently but also allows them the option to collaborate with like-minded people. Coworkers include work-at-home professionals, independent consultants or contractors, traveling workers of multi-campus businesses or of national/global companies, small business owners and employees, startup teams and budding entrepreneurs across all industries. Other terms for this concept include shared workspace, collaborative workspace, hot desking, hoteling, and rent-a-desk but can also be found in executive suites, virtual offices, business centers or incubators/accelerators. Other terms for likely users include mobile/nomad worker, solopreneur, freelancers and independent worker. Coworking locations offer all the basic necessities of a traditional office with conference rooms and private areas in addition to its open floor plan, but also offer camaraderie and sometimes business support and networking opportunities.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office can almost be taken literally, it has the address of an office, the telephone numbers of an office and the receptionist service of an office except for one key factor, you are not actually based in the office. You are not based in our office daily but have access to meet with clients and conduct meetings in our furnished offices and conference rooms any . You have a personal and professional touch without having to have your office down the hall.

Who typically uses a virtual office?
Smaller or start up companies use virtual office space as a starting ground to help their future growth. Frequent users also include budding entrepreneurs and consultants of various industries. Larger companies and corporations can utilize virtual offices by being able to extend local appeal with regional offices that get them 'closer' to customers. Solo or small law firms can save on overhead and find camaraderie with our large network of attorneys.

Who does your art? A majority of the art is by Leon Hushcha ( We also have a few pieces by other local artists.

How do I reserve a conference room? You can reserve a room by calling 612-337-9000 or by emailing any of the Suite Staff. We try to schedule you in your preferred space as often as possible and we always bill in a quarter hour increments.

What time does the mail come? Deliveries? Mail is usually sorted by 11 am. Fedex and UPS come throughout the day, we will notify you of any deliveries outside the regular mail.

How do I choose a location/office environment and/or workspace options? Just like when you're choosing a home or an apartment you should tour several options to find the right fit, feel, and image for you and your business. We understand that businesses go through different changes and our plan options do too. You can try one plan for a few months then change it based on your business needs.