Virtual Offices

What is a Virtual Office?

Flexible workspace, hoteling, hot desk, digital nomad, remote worker, the list of names for working virtually is growing. So is the number of people who are taking advantage of the benefits that come with using a virtual office. 

When you have a virtual office, you can perform your daily work from wherever you’d like- whether that’s your home, the local coffee shop, or a tropical beach. No matter where you are, you will have:

  • Receptionist service
  • A professional downtown Minneapolis office address
  • Professional telephone numbers and voicemail
  • Your name on the building directory
  • Access to our furnished offices and conference rooms for conducting meetings
  • Full use of our amenities

With a virtual office, you have the best of both worlds. You have the prestige and professionalism of a downtown Minneapolis office, with the flexibility of a remote working lifestyle. 

Who Uses a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is perfect for small companies, startups, or freelance professionals who want to use the space as a starting ground to boost their future growth. In addition, using a virtual office is incredibly popular with budding entrepreneurs and consultants of various industries. 

Larger companies and corporations utilize virtual offices to branch out into new locations. With a virtual office, they can gain local appeal with a regional office that get them closer to the customers they want to reach. 

Solo attorneys or small law firms can save on overhead expenses and find camaraderie with our extensive network of attorneys.

The Benefits of a Virtual Office

Virtual offices are easy to set up, giving you the ability to quickly scale your resources up and down as the market changes. It offers flexibility in growing your business and team without the legal and fiscal responsibilities or restrictions of physical workplaces.

Because you can work from home (or anywhere you want), you will save time that you would have spent commuting. In addition, you will be working from a place that you feel safe, reducing stress and improving your work-life balance.

This increased efficiency and improved flexibility will naturally boost your daily job satisfaction. In addition, employees and solo entrepreneurs feel a greater degree of gratitude about their ability to utilize these benefits of virtual offices.

You will have all the amenities that 1600 Executive Suites offers (paid for on an as-needed basis), including having your name listed in the building directory. When you need to meet with clients and professional associates, your name will be placed on the door. No one will know that you don’t office here full-time unless you tell them.

We know there is a wide variety of virtual office needs.  We can customize a plan to meet yours.

Professional Offices with a Personal Touch

Who says you need to be in the office to have a great office?